Moving Away from Weekly Writing

Why I’m moving away from writing this newsletter every week (but I’ll continue writing, don’t worry) I’ve started writing this newsletter in December 2019, so almost two years ago. I’m proud that I’ve sent out close to 100 of those and stuck to writing every week (I only missed it once). But since starting a […]

Why are Conservatives Happier?

Conservatives report higher happiness than liberals. Why is that? Maybe idealism comes at a price. Conservatives tend to be happier than liberals.*This is a consistent finding, replicated across different studies in different countries.In particular, conservatives “reported feeling there was more meaning and purpose in life than liberals did.”Even though the differences aren’t huge, I found […]

Wanting More Money

I like to check out Derek Siver’s blog – I enjoy his contrarian ideas, even though he doesn’t post all that often. Here’s his 10 second self-description: “I’ve been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. Monomaniac, introvert, slow thinker, and love finding a different point of view. California native, I now live in […]