Being Alone Isn’t Bad

🤔 What I’ve been thinking of

I just watched an excellent video by Academy of Ideas, starting off with a Nietzsche quote:

A single joyless person is enough to create constant discouragement and cloudy skies for a whole household, and it’s a miracle if there is not one person like that. Happiness is not nearly so contagious a disease.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Yes, a thousand times yes. If you didn’t have such a person around you growing up: Thank your lucky stars. And yes, happiness and positivity seem to be much less contagious than this toxicity which can really cloud everything.

Ideally, we should distance ourselves from this toxicity and find a new social group – but that isn’t always easy, even as adults, because we’re busy and there’s not that many opportunities for socializing after school and college (also, positive “conscious” people are very rare, it seems).

Why not stay alone, then? (at least that’s what the video suggests)

Maybe spending most of our time with friends and family has really been fetishized in our Western culture (it’s what extroverts need, I get it, but I’m not an extrovert). I’ve heard someone cynically state that socializing is “boring and a waste of time”, and he said he’s immensely grateful that he can play video games instead of mindless small talk and hanging out with people he never really liked.

That sounds quite cynical and edgy, I get it, and I’m not suggesting you should become a hermit (most people would go crazy). However, if you’re more of a “lone wolf” type, ask yourself: Why does that have to be something bad? You might get shamed and stigmatized as a weirdo (why does he stay home on a Saturday night to write this weird newsletter instead of getting drunk?); But chances are you’ve tried socializing thousands of times, but it didn’t do much for you. It’s like going to the same shitty Fast Food place every day and expecting the food to magically become good – it probably won’t happen. I’d have to lie if I said I’ve never thought to myself: People aren’t that fascinating, most lack empathy and depth of thought, and they will have told their noteworthy life stories and fun facts in about half an hour (I’m not implying that I’m more interesting:)

By the way I’m just thinking out loud here, I didn’t come to a good conlusion on which amount of socializing is best – it really depends on your individual personality and preferences, above all. I just think we should be more proud and confident if we prefer to stay alone most of the time.

😴 What helped me find calm this week

Intentional ASMR Picks:

  • Crazy thumbnail (picture in the blog post), right? And yes, she’s really eating that. It’s from an insanely popular video by HunniBee ASMR: I have to admit I didn’t really know this channel as I usually don’t watch mukbangs. I have no idea where she has her edible items from, and if you’re on a diet it might be a good idea to watch her eat something healthy, like this video (most of her other stuff doesn’t look healthy at all, but it’s amazing visually and the sounds aren’t too harsh, which is nice)
  • This video by StacyAster is quite short but it has super creative triggers and is VERY satisfying to watch
  • I forgot one of the OGs of ASMR in my last video: Psychetruth! She’s been doing ASMR for a long time, and is still making cool stuff like this scalp massage & hair brushing video – if you like two or more women doing ASMR together (I’m getting the impression they might be a couple:) then this channel is for you
  • Another excellent, long video with unique triggers by ASMR Zeitgeist (mostly stuff being stuck in your ear)
  • I haven’t really featured ASMR Darling, but this new “day at SPA” video was quite relaxing
  • Latte ASMR made another video, yay, a Cranial Nerve Exam

I’ve added these videos to my “ASMR Favorites” Playlist“, again.

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

Fixing a Rusty Knife with quite nice craftsmanship and rough scraping and grinding sounds (no talking)

A female streamer with an adorable female (anime-like) accent showing her Minecraft Base

A quite enthusiastic review of Dixon Pencils (nice British Accent)

This video has FAST tapping sounds: Making of a $3500 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

🇩🇪 For all German-speakers (or those who like the language): I’ve been finding some nice German Unintentional ASMR, but didn’t want to put them on the (English) Unintentional ASMR channels – so I decided to make a German ASMR channel called “Finde Ruhe” – it would be amazing if you checked it out! Here are two recent videos from there: