Of all people, I remembered something that Kevin Hart said on his appearance on Joe Rogan, some months ago.

Is there something we can learn from Kevin Hart, isn’t he just a rich Hollywood millionaire? I think yes, we can learn something from him (from everyone, for that matter). You might not like his comedy, but there’s no doubt that he’s a naturally funny guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, which I love (check him out with Conan, here or here, they’re funny together).

I think it’s impressive what he’s accomplished, coming from a poor background in Philadelphia with addiction problems in his family to becoming a big-shot comedian and now a real movie star. There’s also no denying that he has an impressive work ethic, he works out every day, plus he has a large family that he takes care of.

He had a terrible car accident not too long ago which hurt his spine and almost left him paralyzed. But he fought his way back and almost seems to be his old self (even though I feel like the accident left a mark on him – he lost some of his silliness).  

Ok, here’s what Kevin Hart said when he was talking about what motivates him and how he manages to do as much as he does. It was something along the lines of “It’s YOU versus YOU! That’s the only fight that matters!”  

Sure this might sound trivial, and I’m not even a fan of this type of motivational talk. But it’s an important point to remember.   If somebody is going to ruin your life, it’s YOURSELF, for the most part. I know it can be tough to accept that responsibility, but it’s true, at least if you’re an adult in a first world country.  

I don’t really understand people who let their whole life revolve around others and how they’re wrong and evil. “THEY need to change before I can be happy.” That’s the perfect recipe for staying bitter and unhappy.  

It’s YOU you have to fight against. YOU are most likely your biggest enemy,  YOU stand in the way of living a successful and happy life. It’s YOU who will decide to eat that crappy food, not work out, take drugs to cope and procrastinate on your dreams. It’s not some evil force or this terrible society holding you back – it’s YOURSELF! If life was a videogame, you’d be the most difficult boss, the arch enemy that you have to fight every day.

😴 What might help you find calm

Intentional ASMR Picks:

  • My favorite this week was FredsVoice’s ASMR Conversion Project with his wife, which was wholesome and relaxing. Here’s a funny comment I can agree with: “I’m a full blown lesbian, and even I’m jealous of his wife”
  • Here’s a fresh creator I found: Tiptoe Tingles. Here, she talks about her skincare routine and her voice and tapping are incredibly tingly
  • ATMOSPHERE made another creative, 19th century style video (she’s in a coach and then in a mysterious forest. It’s a bit spooky though)
  • Another cool channel I didn’t really on my radar is Dong ASMR – I enjoyed the no talking brushing and shaving foam very much
  • Check out this Halloween Shop roleplay by Angelica – pretty old-school but all the more relaxing, right?
  • Apparently WalMart has ASMR Toys now. Here’s Karuna Satori and her partner reviewing them (I’d love to try them, too!)  

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

  • Here’s a beautiful, no talking blacksmithing video: making a kiridashi style knife. The craftsman, Torbjörn Åhman, is great in general
  • You might know Watercolor by Shibasaki, if not: He’s kind of a Japanese Bob Ross, and if you don’t like the music, it’s one of my favorite Unintentional ASMR classics (check out this easy watercolor tree painting tutorial)
  • Here’s another classic: Grand Illusions, which I had already featured. This one with leather props is one of my favorites, too.  beautiful video by grand illusions (I love it)
  • Naio Nails is a popular nail design channel (not something I’m typically interested in, but really relaxing). Like this Christmas Nail tutorial with a nice UK accent