Clear thinking

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There’s one thing that’s rare in today’s world, but increasingly valuable, I think:
Clear and concise thinking.

There are tens of thousands of articles and pieces of information published every day, but most of it isn’t really of value, because it’s imprecise, superficial, prone to cognitive biases and usually the same few ideas regurgitated in a different way.

Clear and concise thinking is different, and a small minority can do it well.
Clear thinking breaks down complex problems into its core essence.
It means saying just enough words to convey a deep truth.

Often times, it’s not so much about what is being said, but the way of thinking that fascinates me.
There’s something inside of me that resonates with this type of thinking, it’s when I go “wow, I never thought of it this way!”
This type of thinking stems from first principles. It’s a way of thinking that is more mathematical, if that makes sense, it’s logical and often contrarian, instead of the long-winded and empty sentences full of jargon of some self-proclaimed intellectuals.

Just to be clear, I think I’m not that good at thinking concisely and accurately like this, because my thinking and talking is more all over the place; It’s intuitive, explorative, and often long-winded and unstructured.

I seek out clear thinkers, because reading their words and listening to them talk makes me think clearer, too.
To me, clear and concise thinking is refreshing, inspiring and uplifting. And I am convinced that those clear thinkers will make better decisions, they will live happier lives and be more successful in whatever they do.

Here’s one prime examples of a clear thinker: Naval Ravikant. I love listening to him talk, even though his interviews have become rarer (you can check out his recent Tim Ferriss interview or his podcast). The way he thinks about the world or entrepreneurship and how he built his life is truly inspiring. I feel like writing down almost every sentence he says.

Here are some other examples of what I consider to be clear thinkers:

😴 What might help you find calm

Intentional ASMR Picks:

  • This week’s favorite is Peace and Saraity’s great 1930s Makeup Consultation Roleplay (I just love the voice and personal attention)
  • Starling’s Relaxing Shave at a “Pleasantly Unpredictable Barber” was excellent too, even though her accent is quite strong
  • I think I haven’t featured ALB in whisperland ASMR yet – I’m not sure why that is, because her videos are excellent (such as this recent Survey Calling, halloween edition with some keyboard typing)
  • And finally, here’s some Massage ASMR by Indian Barber (it’s a nice thorough head massage, and no talking, just some mumbling)

💎 Hidden Gem:
Peony ASMR – have you heard of her? If not, check out her recent receptionist roleplay – her voice is great, it’s a bit halloween themed – I loved it!

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

  • Here’s some drawing sounds by Akihito Yoshitomi practicing drawing torsos, who I had recommended before (he’s an amazing manga artist, and there are many more relaxing videos on his channel)
  • There are tons of relaxing RC car unboxings on Monsterchannel24 like this VW T1 Bus 
  • Here are some relaxing and satisfying pen writing sounds with a Nakaya Naka-ai Fountain Pen
  • What a voice! Here’s a compilation I made from the CBC Book club, where the  soft spoken author John Doyle tells stories about the World Cup 2010 in Germany