Cynicism (about Afghanistan & co.)

In light of current developments around the world, it’s easy to become cynical. 

And yes, even though I write about peace of mind and create ASMR videos, I’m a bit of a cynic myself.
I guess cynicism is a coping mechanism for being idealistic, but being painfully aware of how we don’t reach our potential because we humans screw everything up all the time. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to be pissed at the world: From the Taliban getting back in power in Afghanistan (what did the West do there for the last 20 years, and spend trillions on?), to Covid crisis management (nobody really understands what’s going on and why politicians do what they do) to climate change (companies continuing to pollute their air and dump their trash in the oceans). Oh, and let’s not forget Uyghur camps in China, homeless living in tent cities, the opioid crisis, animal abuse, human trafficking, housing becoming unaffordable for young people and so much more. 

Shouldn’t we be in a better place now in the year 2021?

Yes, I know the world gets better in many places (I’ve read the Pinker books), but no matter where you look, there seems to be tragedy, incompetence and deterioration. 

What I noticed is that some people are much less cynical than me. I believe it’s largely cultural (where I live, people love to complain), plus your genes and early childhood (if your parents were unhappy and cynical, there’s a high chance you will be, too). 

But I DO think we change. And we should, because cynicism is toxic, it gnaws at our gratefulness and optimism (while cynicism is probably still a better coping mechanism to life’s tragedies than desperation or violence, I guess). 

Finally, here are three ideas to become less of a cynic:

  1. Less negative information: Pretty straightforward, but just eliminate or at least limit your intake of negative information (i.e. less exposure to toxic people and outrage-oriented social media / news sources)
  2. Humor: I feel that once you lose the ability to laugh about yourself and this odd world, you’re in a bad place. It’s the best medicine against despair and makes tragedy bearable
  3. Perspective: Essentially, studying history and human psychology will make you realize that the state of the world as it is now is … unsurprising, for a lack of a better word. Humans are humans. Egoism, greed and ignorance have always been part of human nature. Like the environment, our civilizations go through cycles. Empires rise and fall. In a sense, like evolution, human societies are self-correcting: Governments and organizations that make naive and short-sighted decisions over and over will fail, eventually, and be replaced by smarter organizations. 
    What I’m saying is that knowledge about human nature and history should make you less outraged about why we do what we do – it’s quite predictable, in fact, and this makes it easier to laugh about this strange (but sometimes beautiful) world
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