Give Yourself a F*ing Break

Give yourself a break! If you’re like me and racing through life, solving one problem after the other, this is probably a good thing to remember.

It never feels like I’m doing enough, it feels like solving one problem means 10 new ones pop up right away. When I feel overwhelmed, I try to remind myself to take a few slow breaths, and I also have to remind myself to take some time off and celebrate small successes (I’m terrible at celebrating, but I try to at least acknowledge if something goes well).

As with most ideas, you can dig deeper and deeper by changing your perspective and looking at life from a birds eye view.

A tweet by @stephenszczerba (I don’t know who that is, I found a repost on Reddit):

You’re the product of both millions of years of evolution and hundreds of generations of fucked up parents who did not have the tools to work through their trauma & emotional issues, give yourself a fucking break, you’re doing your best

I think that’s a beatiful insight, and there’s not too much I can add to it. All things considered, we should get away from the “I’m not doing enough” thing – compared to whom, compared to what? Some outlandish idea that you could technically be 100% productive and successful all the time? Is there proof that that’s even possible, did you ever achieve that? No? Then why do you still measure yourself against this unachievable fantasy?

And just because it looks like it’s possible for others (they probably have struggles you don’t even know about), it doesn’t mean it’s possible for you.
We’re all dealt different hands – some have it easier, some have it harder. There’s a reason why you can’t focus, there’s a reason you have social anxiety, there’s a reason you’re not that happy .. it’s those hands you’ve been dealt (and no, the cards you’ve been dealt are not your fault, that was randomness, i.e. your genes and how you were raised.. unless you believe in Karma-based reincarnation).

And before you get angry about the defeatism: We can still aim at doing the best we can with the cards we’ve been dealt. But don’t be so hard on yourself. Doing your best is all you can do (and sometimes doing your best means sitting at home, eating ice cream and crying). In the grand scheme of humanity with all its insanity, brutality and suffering, that’s still pretty good, I reckon.

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