Happy 2020! (My New Year’s resolution)

I’m a few days late, I know, but still: Happy New Year! 2020 really sounds like we’re living in the future, doesn’t it? (Yeah I know, time flies and all).

Let’s start the new year with a quote that really resonated with me:

“The punchline of life is not wealth, it’s not fame, it’s not admiration, it’s how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself”

(taken from a great interview with Tom Bilyeu).

How do you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself? I think we all have room to grow here, because it’s usually not something that we’re taught by our parents or in school, and I can’t say that I’m a natural at “feeling good about myself”.

I do think however that we CAN change. Tom Bilyeu thinks the same, he says we’re a biological machine, we can do virtually anything if we take control and choose to adapt. I prefer to believe this instead of the “I’m depressed and lazy and I will always be depressed and lazy” fraction.

But how do we change? I think we all need to make mental health a priority by building healthy habits around it. Maybe you should include this into your New Year’s resolution, if you made one, and not only have goals related to money, buying things or getting ripped (but I do think everybody should make exercise, good sleep and food a priority. Without those, you won’t ever perform well and feel good).

Here are some ideas for resolutions regarding your “mental fitness” (these are things I want to do in 2020):

  • Journaling every morning (whatever comes to mind, e.g. how do I feel? I also always write down at least one thing I’m grateful for and one thing I’m looking forward to)
  • Go on an information diet (have an uplifting book on my nightstand instead of mindlessly consuming clickbaity “news” and social media circlejerks)
  • Some form of meditation, it could be walking slowly, music or dancing to my favorite songs (I don’t usually do this in public)
  • Go on a solo retreat (once a year, I want to rent a remote place in the woods for 3-5 days, all alone, to meditate, read, journal and gain clarity)
  • Do something fun every day

  I also wrote down some things that I want to do less of:

  • Be judgmental of people, have too high expectations & naïve idealism about how the world should be
  • Be too harsh, critical and perfectionist about myself and what I do
  • Waste whole days being unproductive and then be pissed about it
  • Say yes to things I really don’t want to do, like meeting relatives or toxic people, just because I feel like I have to

What about you, did you make resolutions? If you want to share them, you can write me by replying to this mail, I’ll read it and reply as well 😊  

💤 What helped me find calm this week:

I mostly watched “no talking” ASMR videos these last days. If feel like we’re lucky that there’s a growing number of creators with amazing professional triggers and visuals:

  • Reyong ASMR 리용 is one of these South Koran ASMRtists who’s killing it right now. He recently made an amazing tooth cleaning dentist roleplay with great props. Yesterday, he added another gem, a Face Peeling video with a doll and tons of unique triggers, like facemask peeling, applying lotion, scrubbing and shampoo sounds
  • Haircut roleplays are one of my go-to’s for relaxing; I came across this great professional haircut video by Slikhaar TV (which isn’t a roleplay, it’s an actual haircut at a hairdresser with shampooing, lots of scissor cutting etc.)
  • ASMR PPOMO made a phenomenal Gold themed ASMR Video with tons of  triggers (I like the gentle nail tapping the most)
  • In case you haven’t seen it already, asmr zeitgeist delivered again: This video includes almost 1,5 hours of bubble, candles, slime, gloves and cup triggers

  Ok, here’s some Unintentional ASMR that you might enjoy:

😀 Somewhat amusing: Ever seen celebrities try ASMR? It shows how mainstream this thing has become… There’s a recent one with James Corden and Chloe Moretz which is pretty funny (I think James actually has a good whispering voice, and I like the British accent).   You may have seen Cardi B’s ASMR video in 2018 which became very popular (32 million views) – it’s not bad at all, her hand movements are great too … she says she watches ASMR every night to fall asleep.   There are other ones by Aubrey Plaza and Sabrina Carpenter, which are entertaining as well.   Alright, that’s it for this week. If you have feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Alex   P.S. if you haven’t already, check out my Second Unintentional ASMR Channel and my Instagram. Thanks!