Hello World:)

I’m excited, this is my first blog post that I’m writing. I’m still working on finding the ideal format for helping you find calm, but please don’t hesitate to send me any feedback or ideas by replying to this mail.   Becoming a more peaceful and calm person is an ongoing struggle for me, and I realize that I have to remind myself daily of making this a priority. I’m not sure if it’s the coffee or something else, but my anxiety seems to increase sharply in the early afternoon, around 3 pm, and it ends up feeling like I’m being strangled by an Anaconda. I’ve been trying to mitigate this by taking a lunchtime walk, breathing slowly and by ingesting CBD oil – I’ll keep you updated on what works best in the long run.  

1. 💤 What helped me find calm this week:

I enjoyed some great ASMR, which I’ve added to my Favorite ASMR Playlist:

  • Eye Relaxation Clinic by Latte ASMR: Another amazing, almost 1hr long roleplay with tons of triggers – it doesn’t get much better than this
  • I keep coming back to Tony Bomboni’s excellent Ice Cream Shop Roleplay (I love how he gives you tons of samples – not suited for diabetics:)
  • ASMR at the Supermarket by some South Korean guy who looks like a K-Pop star (yes, he randomly walks around a supermarket tapping on items). I’ve seen a few ones of these, some by arguably crazy people, but this one actually has good audio quality and great tapping (and seeing supermarkets and unusual products in foreign countries is always fascinating to me. 
    There’s also a similar Slav / Gopnik version which is more funny than relaxing, but still worth a watch:)

As usual, I also looked for relaxing Unintentional ASMR that you might enjoy, and would like to recommend the following:

  • An older tutorial on how to build a PC by the (surprisingly funny) YouTuber randytaylor69
  • There’s a great channel called Son of a Bear with a guy foraging, cooking and building shelter in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. He encouraged me to feature his channel, so I created a compilation video

I should mention that I put these on a new Unintentional ASMR channel, as I won’t upload on the channel Best Unintentional ASMR in the next months (I will explain soon why). I would appreciate if you’d subscribe to the new channel, of course!    

2. 🤔 What I’ve been thinking of:

I re-listened to a Tim Ferriss Podcast with Lisa Ling – it’s very interesting overall, but the parts about men being in crisis and prone to opioid addiction were most noteworthy to me. What Lisa said hit close to home, how “we’re more isolated and lonely than ever”, that we need a space with real human contact to share our feelings (be it friends or therapy), and that men especially “weren’t raised to be communicative and emotional with other men” and might consequently be in danger of “find(ing) (…) dark communities (online)” and dig themselves deeper into a hole of negativity and depression.

Here’s my question to you: Do you also follow any of those “dark online communities” that trigger negativity, be it politics, dating, work etc.? (I know I have been guilty of this)   

3. 💜 What I’ve really enjoyed:

The Day in the Life of documentary series by the excellent YouTube Channel Paolo From Tokyo. In this series, Paolo accompanies Japanese people from morning to evening, providing a unique glimpse into their average workday, and Japanese culture in general (everything they do is somewhat different, which I love).

My favorite are a Day in Life of an average salaryman (somewhat depressing however), the day in the life of a Ramen chef and that of a Manga creator.

I’m not sure how Paolo convinces these people to share everything (he films them in their bedrooms, after all – probably it’s his charming and uplifting attitude), but I find it to be an incredibly interesting sociological study on how people live and work in Japan.   Alright, before this becomes too long, I’ll end it here and wish you a great next week, and don’t forget to make finding peace of mind a priority! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it, and talk to you next week!