What To Do If You Lose Your Job?

I hope you’re doing reasonably well, not only health-wise, but financially, emotionally, spiritually (I don’t even like the world spirituality, but maybe we need to believe in some higher purpose to stay sane, as apposed to pure randomness). By the way, if you celebrate it: Happy Easter!

🤔 What I’ve been thinking about

I just received an email by Ramit Sethi, the “I teach you to be rich” guy. I’m not sure why I’m subscribed to his newsletter, I only get sales pitch after sales pitch for expensive courses.

In any case, this email warned me about unemployment (and then a course was pitched, “Overnight Resume Makeover: 3 Steps to Turn Your Resume Into An Interview Magnet“).  

Is it shitty to take advantage of this crisis to sell a course? Maybe. But it’s undeniable that we’re in dire times. In three weeks, over 16 million US Americans filed for unemployment. The rest of the world will probably look similar, soon.  

Even if you haven’t lost your job or you’re not even working yet, it’s worthwhile to think about what it would be like losing your job.  

Here’s what I want you to realize first and foremost: You are not your job.
Your career (or lack thereof) doesn’t define you.

I think this is a hard pill to swallow in our capitalist societies where we were conditioned to place our “careers” above everything. I’m not even against capitalism. I just think a peaceful, simple life is SO MUCH better than achieving a “great career” (all of my friends in those are miserable).

One of the first questions we get asked by foreigners is: “What do you do?” Why don’t we answer: “I like to walk, listen to music and have passionate sex!” No, what they want to hear is “I’m an accountant!” Our identity becomes intertwined with our jobs. And once these people lose their jobs, they lose their identity and self-worth.

Who am I, if I cannot say “I’m a (insert job title here)” anymore? 

Maybe it’s not a bad thing if we learn that there’s more to life than our careers, which, let’s be honest, mostly aren’t that spectacular and important for humanity. I do however understand the existential dread that comes from losing your job, and the fear of not being able to pay your bills.

I’m probably not an authority on corporate jobs, because I quit mine a while ago (or maybe this actually means I’m much more of an authority on what to do afterwards:)

But here are some ideas on what to do when you lost your job, or just have more spare time:

  • First of all, don’t worry so much about your CV now: Most employers will understand that this was a catastrophic year. It’s not your fault if you lost yours and couldn’t find anything else (by the way, if they don’t understand it, they’re an asshole employer, and you don’t want to work for them anyway)
  • Take your time to figure out what you want in life, which can change with time – whether your career path is still the right one, and what type of work and work environment suits you best
  • Become self-employed by providing something of value (maybe just doing what you’ve done in your previous job)
  • Start a “side hustle” based on a hobby or interest you’ve always had (here’s a good podcast with ideas)
  • Use your free time for self-education
    • Learn skills that are related to your “career lane”
    • Take free Udemy courses, get certified for Google Analytics, watch YouTube tutorials, make a website or try something else

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