I Moved:)

We moved to our new apartment 😊

Or actually we’re still in the midst of moving. There are still tons of unopened boxes everywhere, and most of my stuff is still somewhere else.

Our moving mess (this will be my small office:)
The view over Zurich from our (still messy) balcony

As I’m writing this from our balcony, looking out at the Zurich lake, I can’t help but feel grateful.

It’s kind of a miracle that we’re even here: A few weeks ago (we just had decided that we wanted to move back in together after being separated for a while) my girlfriend’s sister saw this apartment listing. My girlfriend called the owner right away and was invited to look at the apartment an hour later (super lucky because only 20 people got invited). She liked it a lot so we handed in our application. But I was pretty sure that we wouldn’t get chosen, as I wasn’t even in Switzerland at that time and affordable flats in Zurich are in ridiculously high demand.

Well, they chose us, for whatever reason (I still think they might’ve made a mistake), and three weeks later we moved in. Most people here spend months or years until they find an apartment with countless visitations and applications, and I was expecting the same. But we found a great apartment right away, it was our first application, it basically fell into our lap.

I guess the lesson here is:
Sometimes, life is simple.
Sometimes, luck is on your side.
And it’s important to appreciate this.

By the way, it’s not even a fancy apartment, we’re living on around 72m² which most Americans would find ridiculously small. The kitchen sink is way too small, the kitchen stones have a weird pattern so they look like they’re scratched, and there’s a pretty large street nearby (see, that’s easy, this is what my mind does by default;)

It’s not easy for me to genuinely appreciate that I was lucky and that “life means well for me”. It’s easy for me to be jaded and pessimistic, and assume that things typically go wrong. And I don’t like this about myself. I’d like to be optimistic and joyful, even if it’s somewhat naive and childish.

In any case, now I’m looking forward to furnishing the place and exploring the nearby forest. It’s nice to have a home again after months of apartment-hopping (and I even have a cozy office room now where I can make videos and music, which I’m very much looking forward to).

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