Some New Relaxing Stuff for You…

I’m back in Switzerland and have been quite busy here, but of course I didn’t forget your weekly Newsletter:) I changed up the order a bit, this time.

😴 What helped me find calm this week

Intentional ASMR Picks:

  • First, I’ve got to plug my own video I just uploaded🙂 I think you might like it, it has multiple triggers from stuff I recently purchased
  • Great new content by ASMR veteran Dr. T – one of the most hypnotic and unique voices with nice crinkling, packaging sounds
  • A long and excellent Keyboard sound video with fast typing by ASMR PPOMO
  • Another one of these impressive Asian mukbank channels, N.E ASMR. This new video is not only visually impressive but also has nice eating sounds with tons of gummybear items (no talking)

I’ve added these videos to my “ASMR Favorites” Playlist, again.

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

Here’s the new Unintentional ASMR that you can find on this channel:

For the German-speaking viewers 🇩🇪:

💜 What I’ve enjoyed

I’ve added these videos to my “ASMR Favorites” Playlist“, again.

Many of Studio Ghibli’s movies are now available on Netflix, with masterpieces such as Totoro and Spirited Away, and further gems like Princess Mononoke following in March.

In case you haven’t watched them: Give it a try, it’s not (only) for kids and it’s nothing like the usual Anime stuff on Netflix – it’s beautifully drawn with thought-provoking stories and incredible music – perfect for a relaxing movie night!

What I like most about these Miyazaki-movies is that they’re so mysterious. They’re refreshingly different to the usual Disney and Hollywood stories. To me, watching them feels like a dream, confusing and foreign, but beautiful and meaningful nonetheless.