Don’t Become Serious

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While watching interviews with children’s author Roald Dahl for the Unintentional ASMR channel, he said something that caught my attention (I enjoyed learning about his life and his writing process, even though people reminded me that he probably wasn’t such a great person).

In any case, when asked how he’s able to write children’s books so well, Roald said that he has somehow always stayed a child at heart, playful and silly.

And that most adults fail at writing good children’s books because they have become too serious.
This seriousness seems to creep in with age, especially with people becoming “successful” and reasonable.

I thought about this for a while. There’s definitely something to it.
I noticed friends who had been the biggest class clowns in high school becoming rather boring and “serious” after a few years of corporate careerism. Maybe it’s due to the weight of actual responsibilities, paying loans and all that grown-up stuff. Or it’s the corporate culture where you’re not allowed to make too edgy jokes, where creativity and dreaming are replaced by executing orders, kissing somebody’s ass and keeping quiet.

Joy and silliness seem to bleed out over the years, replaced by the disillusioned seriousness of “being an adult”.

I don’t want to become serious.
I know instinctively that NOT taking life (too) seriously is the right way. Thinking about doctor’s appointments, money matters and career prospects with my “serious voice” is too depressing, it’s torture. I know this because my serious voice is actually pretty strong, it’s always there in the back of my head, waiting for a moment of weakness to attack, like a hyena. 

If you watch people that I would say are pretty “enlightened” (whatever that means exactly), like the Dalai Lama or Eckhart Tolle, you’ll notice that they crack jokes all the time. They giggle and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s clear: Those people are intelligent and wise. And peaceful.

The serious ones are usually the dangerous ones. Dictators and opressors take themselves way too seriously. They will talk about “honor” or “winning” or “justice” while stepping over others, and you see the deadly seriousness and determination in their eyes. It’s sad that we haven’t evolved past that, yet.

This was something that I struggled with with my own dad. He might be the most serious person in the world. I don’t even want to get into too much detail, but let’s just say there’s little laughter and joy around him. Everything is serious, everything is tense and hard. I feel like some countries like Germany or Russia are quite serious in general, you feel it in the air, at least the older generations that experienced war and other terrible things.

Sure, there are moments where you should be serious. But even if I end up in hospital with cancer, I want to be joking with the nurses.

My best weapon against seriousness is reminding myself of the absurdity of it all. The absurdity of our short existence, how dumb and self-obsessed we humans are, for the most part. How ignorant of us to think that our little life is so important, and that being serious will get us anywhere.

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