The Irresistible Pull of Negativity

mars conspiracy

As someone who spends a lot of time online, one thing I’ve suspected for a long time has become more and more apparent to me: Negativity is so much more interesting, addictive and powerful than positivity. Unfortunately. You’ve probably noticed this as well: We almost can’t stop ourselves from clicking on that article about a […]

Intelligent = Unhappy?

sword guy

*Preface: Some people will take offense to the concept of intelligent vs. dumb and question whether objective intelligence exists. It’s a valid point, and let me state that I don’t consider myself to be highly intelligent. The way I define intelligence in this context is not necessarily in a sense of high IQ-test-score, but rather […]

What I love about Anime (not everything)

I’m not sure why I like animated art so much (this includes Japanese Anime, but also international animated series and movies). This wasn’t always the case. Sure, I enjoyed cartoons as a kid, but thought it was a bit childish and annoying in my early twenties and mostly watched “normal movies”. Currently it’s the opposite: […]