Have a Peaceful Christmas!

I wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas time, whether you celebrate it or not.   I’m very well aware that not everybody enjoys this time of the year… I’m seeing my family for the holiday, and thought of the Ram Dass quote which you might have heard:  

If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”  

Ram Dass

Why is it that hard to be at ease with our parents, though? We’re all emotionally entangled with our parents, and no matter how nice and conscious our parents tried to be, they all traumatized us in some way (or maybe you’re one of the lucky outliers). It also seems like my parents still see me as a 14-year-old and treat me that way, which somehow makes me fall back into my old behavioral patterns, at times.

I think these kinds of holidays can be especially challenging for introverts like me. I get tired of small talk quickly, and my extroverted siblings sometimes don’t understand if I need alone time.

I have a friend who stays home alone instead of seeing his family. He works super hard and wants to be left alone and play video games during his few vacation days. Most people would find it totally depressing to spend Christmas like this… but I have sympathy for his decision.
I promised myself to play the “I’m a normal son who likes gifts and small talk” role as best as I can, I won’t hide in my room… because who knows how long I still have with my parents.  

💤 What helped me find calm this week

Here’s some ASMR that helped me relax, why I added to my favorite ASMR Playlist:

  • Articulate Design made a great 6 Star Hotel Check In roleplay, including some food and beverage tasting. I like the seriousness and dedication to providing great customer service (which is a trigger for me in and of itself, for some reason)
  • There are many Gaming Store roleplays around, but this one by ASMR Glow is one of the best. I like the buttons sounds, gum chewing, and the fact that she seems to really be somewhat of a gamer
  • Sleep Therapy (no talking) by Stacy ASMR with 20+ relaxing triggers like crinkling and tapping; I like the visuals, as sometimes, seeing a close-up face is too stimulating for me
  • Unknown ASMR Channel of the week: Bladewhisperpro 23 has terrible audio and video equipment, but I keep watching his haircut roleplays because he has one of the best male whispering voices (you’ll need to turn the volume up though)

Here’s some Unintentional ASMR that you might enjoy:

🤔 What I’ve been thinking about

I read an article about managing burnout on Business Insider (don’t we all have some burnout right now?😅) I’m generally not a big fan of these listicles, but this one was quite interesting as it featured some high-profile guys like TV hosts and founders. Here are some tips I want to implement myself:

  • Don’t try to overcome burnout with sheer willpower (…) so focus on where you want to be – not where you don’t want to be (Scott Adams says the same in his book)
  • Eating well, getting quality sleep, and exercise are the first habits that start slipping when you’re overwhelmed. Do an energy assessment and ask yourself: Who and what adds to your energy and quality of life, both personally and professionally? Write it down and do what brings you energy (and if possible delegate the other stuff)
  • Take micro-breaks. Every day, shut off all technology for an hour to think and focus. Each week, take a day to unplug entirely and recover. Each month, take two to three days in a row. Each year, take two to three weeks away from work.

🤪 Something crazy

Could christmas look like this, in some parallel universe? Sometimes, the whole christmas and gift thing looks somewhat absurd to me, the comedians Tim & Eric seem to feel similarly (I hope you don’t think I’m completely crazy now:)