Pepare Yourself

2020 has been rough so far (most people would probably agree to that). And it doesn’t look like the last two months will offer much relief.
On the contrary – it’s very probable that the next weeks will be turbulent:

  • The second wave of Covid is here. Most of Europe and the US (and other parts of the world) are in lockdown, the numbers are worse than ever before. Protests are erupting. It’s going to stay bad and confusing for a long time, it seems. Who really knows when and if we “beat” this thing. I feel bad for kids who can’t have a normal Halloween and Christmas, for the Youth who want to meet people and go out, for the elderly who might die from loneliness and neglect more so than the pandemic
  • The big US election next week: It’s going to be a mess, I’m afraid. There’s a realistic chance of (real) chaos and violence erupting, especially if Trump gets reelected
  • There’s another wave of islamic terrorism in France (for a while I thought we might be over this sh*t)
  • Then there’s thousands of other things, a war (some say another genocide) in Armenia, a tsunami in Turkey and Greece, and much more tragedies I’m not even aware of

Reading about this stuff doesn’t make me happy, so why do I do it?
Does it help me to “prepare” for what might happen? Not really.

Remember the Seneca quote: “We suffer more in imagination than in reality.”
Sure, sometimes it’s good to know what’s going on to take precautions, like if a tsunami will hit your town. But usually it’s best if you keep on living your life and limit your exposure to “tragedy-porn”.

It’s funny, there are new articles and videos popping up daily with self-proclaimed experts warning of stock market crashes, war, political repressions, and they tell you to PREPARE yourself. Usually this comes from people who want to capitalize on your fear and neuroticism. Buy Gold and Bitcoin NOW to protect yourself! Fear sells, even more so than sex, as we’re all hyper-sensitive to threats and negativity.

Here’s what I think is true: We can’t prepare for everything. I’ve seen some documentaries about preppers who hide in their bunkers and think the CIA is after them, it’s a bit sad to be honest. There are too many variables, there’s too much randomness. Growing up means internalizing that nothing will ever be perfect and things will always go wrong in expected and unexpected ways, both in our lives and in the world.
Always start with the stuff you can change, don’t get paralyzed by everything that’s wrong in the world.

Dealing with our own imminent problems is tough and scary enough. But here’s the part that makes me optimistic: If we remain patient and kind with ourselves, we can become better at dealing with our problems, more resourceful, more calm. It’s a muscle that can be trained.

And then, you can go and help out your loved ones. And then, if that’s taken care of as well, you can become president and save the world.

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