What’s Real Wealth?

What’s wealth to you? I know that sounds like a question from a Tony Robbins seminar, but it’s still very relevant!   To me it would be something like “being able to do the things I want to do, when I want, and not having to worry about my bills”.   Luckily the “doing things I want to do” part isn’t that expensive for me, it’s not cruising on a Yacht or buying sports cars, and obviously not everyone feels the same. 
But I also feel like most people vastly overestimate how much money they need (or they might need in the future). A neurotic friend told me he needs to reach a million in net worth before being able to afford children, even though he’s really frugal and just worries way too much.   To me, real wealth is not really about money. Instead, it’s things like:

  • not having to spend time with jerks who drain my energy and can’t appreciate me
  • not being locked into status games
  • not feeling like I have to say “yes” if I don’t feel like it
  • not worrying about being “normal enough”
  • not being stuck in an office all day, and instead being able to take a walk in the sun if I feel stressed
  • not having to work on tasks that are pointless and ineffective, and instead do creative things that I mostly enjoy

  Notice how wealth to me is mostly about what I DON’T want, namely being constrained and controlled. To me, real wealth is about freedom. Money can help achieve these things, but there are plenty of people who make lots of money yet aren’t free.   What’s wealth for you? If you haven’t thought about this thoroughly, it’s likely you just adopted what society tells you to do, which is make more and more money and buy more and more things until you die.

😴 What might help you find calm

Intentional ASMR Picks:

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

I made a narrated compilation of my favorite eccentrics and “weirdos” (which is not meant in a derogatory way, at all. I’m the biggest weirdo for sure). Here are some of my favorites:

  • The channel yanghaiying is full of great ASMR (it might’ve become semi-intentional). Her drawing videos, her rambles or her make-up videos are all great. I love how she lives life on her own terms and continues to learn new things!
  • Salvador Arriaga is a passionate Barbie doll collector. I don’t know that much about dolls but appreciate how he grooms them and shows different oufits; here is a video I like, or this one 
  • Have you heard of Ellen Sirot, the supermodel of hands? She’s wearing gloves all day and doesn’t lift anything heavy – pretty strange for sure. But her voice and hand movements were quite relaxing to me
  • I love Randytalyor69’s dry British humor, and she’s definitely a bit crazy (but also relaxing – like this Christmas video)
  • Vermin Supreme is an anarchist who ran for president several times, mostly to make fun of the political establishment. I think it’s hilarious, and his voice is really relaxing as well. Here’s an older speech which you might like, too

💜 What I’ve enjoyed

I you’re into PC gaming, don’t forget there’s the Steam summer sale right now, tons of great games are on sale.

I started playing Trine again in co-op with a buddy (we bought a collection and want to play 1-4, but skip part 3 which wasn’t that good) – it’s fun and beautifully made!

And going outside and getting some sun, I think my body was quite happy about that.