Why are there so many Catastrophies?

I hope you’re doing reasonably well in the midst of a Chinese Corona Virus outbreak, climate crisis, the US president possibly being impeached and the Middle East appearing more conflict-ridden than ever.  

Is it just me or has it never been this bad? (Disclaimer: I don’t actually think this is true. But even if you just nodded enthusiastically, I hope I can help you find a bit of peace and calm)

🤔 What I’ve been thinking of

While I’m writing this, this Virus outbreak hit the headlines with several Chinese cities quarantined, thousands of infected people, over 40 dead and infections in other parts of the world… and I’ve got to admit, it’s a bit scary (after all, we all know how this ends: everyone gets it, nuclear war, Zombie Apocalypse, the usual).

But in all seriousness: doesn’t it seem like the conflicts and catastrophies just pile on right now? Can’t you give us a few days in between to take a breather, oh Dear God, after the war with Iran almost happening, Australia burning to the ground and this virus?

I mean, we’re in 2020, shouldn’t we have this figured out? Why are we still fighting wars and polluting the environment, shouldn’t we be more wise and peaceful? Well, apparently we aren’t. But I believe we can change for the better. But the peace we want to see in this world has to start with YOU.

Here’s the first part of the Scott Adams happiness formula, which isn’t all that surprising: Exercise, diet and sleep (most of your happiness comes from your body feeling healthy, and not your genes or circumstances).   The other components of Scott’s happiness formula are more interesting to me:

  • Recognize the media is sensationalizing and clickbaiting: In today’s day and age, the most outrageous headlines win. Social Media content creators and even large media publications have figured out the best way to make us click on their content: It has to be loud and make us angry and fearful. In a morbid way, newspapers would love if a war or pandemia started, because more bad news = more readers and viewers
  • This trend clouds the fact that the world continuously gets better: Less wars, less crime, less poverty, less diseases. As demonstrated by Steven Pinker, we live in the most prosperous and peaceful times by basically every measure!
  • So, don’t fall in that “negativity trap” set by the media: make a media fast instead (don’t read newspapers, Twitter or other outles that constantly regurgitate the same stories). You’ll hear the important stuff from family and friends. This is what Podcaster James Altucher does, by the way
  • Instead of this garbage information, put good information in your brain: Read uplifting and helpful stuff like the Stoics (Epictetus for instance found a great method to stop worrying about those kind of things):

“Of the things that exist, Zeus has put some in our control and some not in our control. Therefore…we must concern ourselves absolutely with the things that are under our control and entrust the things not in our control to the universe.”

  • Educate yourself on History (you’ll notice most of today’s catastrophie’s already happened in a very similar form – history repeats itself, there was even a surprisingly similar virus in 2003 called SARS).
  • Read Buddhist teachings, practice equanimity and meditate
  • Get out of your head by grounding yourself, e.g. by practicing intense sports, sauna or sex
  • Help others around you (this actually makes a difference and will make you feel better) instead of complaining on Social Media

😴 What helped me find calm this week

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

Here’s some Unintentional ASMR which I think you’ll enjoy:

All videos are on my second Unintentional ASMR Channel (I’d be cool if you subscribed)

Intentional ASMR Picks:

I was happy to see so many “old faces” still creating ASMR (or again) – most of you haven’t been watching ASMR yet when these started, I assume. So I decided to choose “OG ASMRtists” for this week’s top Intentional ASMR picks:  

  • Heather Feather was one of the first “big” ASMRtists – she is a bit crazy but I love that about her, and her voice is unique for sure. I’m glad she started ASMR again, e.g. this recent great Head and Scalp Massage
  • Another female OG is Fairy Char, she started uploading again after longer pauses, e.g. this relaxing makeup/Spa roleplay (she’s adorable!)
  • Many call her the “Queen of ASMR”, and I believe Maria from Gentle Whispering really deserves that title. Here’s a recent beautiful Garden-themed video (she doesn’t upload that often but it’s always high-quality with great props)
  • If Maria is the Queen, Dimitri from Massage ASMR is the King for sure. He hasn’t uploaded that fequently, but his old roleyplays like this hair salon video (it’s probably my most watched ASMR video) are still amongst the best ever made
  • Gibi has surpassed Gentle Whispering for a while, and her success isn’t surprising: she’s very consistent and always creative (like this great video where she over-explains things & repeats simple tasks – it’s good, trust me. Fast ASMR made a version too
  • Tony Bomboni recreated his most popular trigger assortment video (here’s his old video which is slightly better, to be honest – I love the part where he presents the bracelets)
  • Olivia Kissper unfortunately (more or less) stopped creating ASMR (her channel is now rebranded to Reconnective Meditation), but she’s been doing ASMR for a long time with many gems like this Aromatherapist roleplay 
  • I can’t leave out Ephemeral Rift, his videos are always creative and beautiful, like this recent Dead by Daylight themed video
  • One of the first (French) ASMRtists was Paris ASMR – he still makes great videos, like this personal attention roleplay
  • WhispersRed deserves a spot in this list, too – she still creates great videos like this Hair Spa video
  • One last gem: Massimo (channel: ASMR Barber) was the first to travel around to get real-life barbershop ASMR videos, and they’re great – like this recent one (great thumbnail, too:)

I’m sure I forgot some OGs (sorry in advance). I’ve added these to my “ASMR Favorites” Playlist“, again.