We’re still traveling in Bretagne (mostly in a part called Finistère), we should be back today or tomorrow. It’s been beautiful (rainy and cold sometimes, but I prefer it this way). I love this part of France –  the rough nature, the wild forests, the rocky beaches, the beautiful small villages with stone houses, and the dark crêpes. I’m looking forward to sharing some video and audio recordings I made on the road.

The three weeks we’ve been gone, I’ve been pretty much “off-grid”. We’ve been traveling by car (our old Volkswagen van) and sleeping in it. There’s no electricity aside from the cigarette lighter which suffices to keep the smartphone battery afloat which we need for navigation, but not much else. We didn’t have internet though, aside from a few Cafés with wifi (they’re surprisingly rare in this part of France).

Being unreachable is a great feeling, to me. Not getting bothered by people I don’t want to talk to in the first place is a blessing. It feels so peaceful I wish it stayed this way. I don’t really miss people in general so that wasn’t a problem either. I’ve responded to a few WhatsApp messages, that’s it. I don’t feel the need to tell my parents or siblings what I’m doing. I did miss the internet a bit, in the sense of browsing reddit or listening to podcasts. But that feeling went away quite quickly, those distractions aren’t that satisfying in any case.

Some people call this digital detox – I kind of dislike that word, but I guess that’s what we did. I think it’s healthy for my ADHD brain – my mind feels sharper, I’m not super tired and distracted all the time.

I don’t want to pretend like this is the solution to all my problems (or your problems), but I’d have no problems getting rid of e-mail and messaging apps altogether. I still like to listen to songs online and look at memes, though. 

This is us doing some crosswords in our van. We cooked there, I’ll make a video showing you the interior of the bus and how we remodeled it.

Next week will be a longer-form newsletter again, I’m looking forward to that. Hope you have a great start of the week!

And finally, this is what we did most of the time: hiking around in lonely forests.