I had prepared a semi-smart text on personal development, but it doesn’t feel right to send it now. I’ve had this gloomy feeling all day, which makes it hard to write something else. 

Ok if I’m honest I have this gloomy feeling most of the time. Maybe it’s what the Germans call “Weltschmerz“, which I’ve read can be defines as “a mood of weariness or sadness about life arising from the acute awareness of evil and suffering”. Being pretty “highly sensitive” doesn’t help in these times. Or this sadness just comes from within me, and I’m just looking for things in the outside world to explain it.

But this isn’t about me: My heart goes out to the U.S. which appears to be in great turmoil after the death of George Floyd. I hope this can beget political change in the right direction so tragedies like these can be prevented in the future.

😴 What might help you find calm

Unintentional ASMR Picks:

You can find these (and more) on my Ultimate Unintentional ASMR playlist.

❕ If you enjoy Unintentional ASMR, I started a new little format where I introduce 7 of my favorite Unintentional ASMR finds every week. Here’s the one I uploaded today, and here is last week’s video.

Intentional ASMR Picks:

  • My favorite ASMR this week was “The Perks of Being a Servant” by Moonlight Cottage: with beautfiul costumes, videography, personal attention and several triggers
  • French Whisperer‘s “History of Castles was my number 2. I love the props on the table and the French accent (and he really knows his castles:)
  • Gotta admit it, I like those fast tapping videos (with long nails, preferably). Batala’s ASMR made an excellent one, with some other fast triggers. Or maybe you prefer ASMR Charlie’s version(it’s only 10 minutes, though)
  • Cranial nerve exam’s are some of the most popular (Unintentional) ASMR categories. These doctor visits sometimes make me anxious, but this roleplay by WhispersAudios was actually relaxing
  • Ephemeral Rift never runs out of great ideas, it seems. Here’s him “reenacting idioms” like “hit the sack” in an ASMR fashion – brilliant:)
  • I can’t omit Latte’s Eyebrow Microblading – it’s excellent, as usual 
  • Ah, and here’s me strolling through beautiful Osaka (in the game Yakuza 2:) It’s quite impressive how well they recreated the city, I had lots of fun making this