Why We Go Crazy Right Now

Do you know a lot of people who are dissatisfied right now? I do.
Some are doing ok, but others really seem to go mad – and it’s understandable. It’s been close to a year since Covid hit us and everything changed, and most of us have been in varying degrees of social isolation and lockdowns since.

We don’t really know what’s going on and if it’s going to get better, many lost their livelihood and feel helpless or angry. I’m sure there’s at least some correlation between those feelings and those crazy people storming the Capitol or people choosing to loot as a means to protest police violence.

Why doesn’t this crisis unite us? Why don’t we really feel like we’re in this together? Instead it seems like we’re more divided than ever.   I agree with Sam Harriss’ take on the situation:
“Publicly, there’s been a failure to cohere around a feeling of shared purpose and shared sacrifice. And that has been beyond disappointing.”
Humans are great at sacrifice and enduring hardship, we’re built for this. But it feels like we have to see a purpose, we have to see a “Why”.
I read somewhere that suicides during wartimes and other catastrophies were lower than during peaceful times. I don’t think that’s true for this crisis. It’s especially hard for young people, extroverts, artists, restaurant owners and the like who often suffer in silence.
  Maybe going to war to protect our homes and families against a perceived evil enemy just seems more glorious than staying at home because there’s an inivisible virus. Most of us don’t even know someone who died from it. I understand how people can become angry at our political leadership. Their incompetence becomes more and more obvious the longer this pandemic continues – is there anything they don’t mismanage?

But there are heroes in this battle, even if we forget about them: The everyday heroes like nurses, first responders, maybe even mailmen and supermarket employees. And then there’s Ugur Sahin and his wife Özlem Türeci who immigrated to Germany from Turkey, founded BioNtech and developed the mRNA vaccine that might now save our assses (US media calls it the “Pfizer vaccine” even though Pfizer didn’t really develop it). Ugur and his wife also hope to prevent Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer with this mRNA technology. How badass is this couple?!

Unfortunately, we don’t really talk about what goes well in this crisis, which is human nature, I guess.
A charismatic and competent leader like Churchill would be nice, for sure. Instead of only telling us what we’re forbidden to do, we need someone to tell us that we’re in this together and that we’re going to win.
It doesn’t seem like we have that figure right now, and religion isn’t really there to step in either for many of us.
So maybe we have to find that hope in us. We have to self generate our hope, so to say. Try to look for inspiring, uplifting stuff instead of negative, toxic voices. I started journaling about things I’m looking forward to, like travelling after the pandemic, which I think helped me.

We CAN come out of this better off. Hopefully we’ll be better prepared for future viruses and crises. And maybe we won’t take that lunch at the restaurant or that small concert at the bar for granted.

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