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Cultivating a calm mind is a key component of a good life. I know this because I’ve always been anxious, and I know how much it sucks to be stressed and worry.
But it doesn’t have to be this way: I’ve been researching and experimenting for years, and I know now: Yes, calmness is a skills that can be learnt! I took many pages of notes and how-tos, and decided I want to share them with you:

This book is about …

  • I have compiled the most important information from hundreds of books, videos and articles
  • Very practice-oriented & realistic: exercises that you can implement immediately!
  • Habit-oriented: Part of your life!
  • Ressources: Choose the best from dozens of books (all are recommendations

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Ebook by D.Williams

This little book is about finding calm

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What’s inside

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From the author of titles such as Intercom on Product Management and Intercom on Onboarding, read by people at companies including:

What’s Inside

A straightforward guide that encourages designers and creatives to share their work and lifestyle with as many people as possible.

  • 6 chapters (10-14 min each)
  • Reads like a story 
  • Constructive tips
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David Williams

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What is it?

A weekly newsletter for everyone who wants more calm and relaxation in an increasingly stressful, negative world. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and negative thoughts, until I realized I can change, but would need to find new strategies and practice calmness regularly. I want to help you get there, too!

What will I get?

You will get a a little email every Sunday, with my top pics for relaxing videos (e.g., intentional and unintentional ASMR) as well as interesting articles, books and ideas about leading a simpler, calm life that I curate and summarize for you.

Why should I try it?
  • I share and summarize the very best stuff that I find (so you don’t have to research and can relax instead)
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